Ordering Guide and Tips

1Ordering guidelines and tips

Placing order for hair system can be little difficult task for anyone. You can follow the guidelines provided by us when placing your order online.

2Base guide for hair systems

As you requirements are distinct so you need to consider all possible points when purchasing hair systems. Our guidelines can help ease the process of selection for you so you can select one that is best for you.

3Common mistakes people make

Most people make common mistakes when purchasing hair systems. We can help you get familiar with these mistakes so you can purchase best hair system that fits all your requirements.

4Selecting best hair style

Selecting the right hair system adhesive tape is key factor for wearing any daily use of extended hair system. You can find information related to different types of styles and color variations here.

5Density guide for hair systems

To purchase right density hair system is key factor to obtain best looks. This guide will provide you with information that you need to keep in mind when purchasing hair system.

6Color guide for hair systems

Fading hair systems are always easy for being detected when worn. When purchasing you have to look around for something that blends perfectly with your hair texture. Our guide provides you with all possible information you need to look into when purchasing.

7FAQ for hair types

In this guideline we have provided you with right information about hair types – Asian, Indian and European. We have included answers to all your queries here.

8Selecting right curls and waves

You can collect more information related to using curls and waves in the hair system. This factor can help you wear undetectable hair system and offer you with best looks.

9Fitting Kit custom made

You can make use of our customs fitting kit when placing your order for hair system. The kits are available for both women and men. These are easy to use tools with best DIY directions.

10Training system

You can make best use of our smart training system which is especially designed to help women get familiar with hair systems and uses. You can follow guidelines for wearing hair systems quickly and efficiently