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Hi, thank you for stopping by! We are NewHairLine - a hair replacement system factory. We believe that everyone deserves to have the best quality toupee. That’s why we’re here - to help you transform and LOVE your hair again.

Above all, we believe in bringing value to every single one of you by providing exceptional products, resources, and customer service. #NewHairLine = #A new real natural looking hairline.

Our Story

Lukee Li - Owner of the NewHairLine As a sufferer of androgenetic hair loss, or male pattern baldness, I know personally of the anxiety and distress that hair loss can cause. As a long-term user of hair replacement systems, I have experienced an industry that promotes a hard sell approach existing, sadly, to the detriment of the vulnerable client.

From the knowledge, passion and experienced gained The London Hair Clinic was developed and has become a very successful and growing Non Surgical Hair Replacement Clinic that believes in providing an honest approach to hair loss. With its dedicated team of specialist and state of the art technology, we can offer our clients the exceptional service and products they deserve at a very affordable cost.

We wanted to make sure that hair replacement is accessible for everybody, no matter where you live. With a constantly growing network of salons all over the UK, Total Cover Plus is an affordable and convenient solution for men and women suffering from hair loss.


NewHairLine recreates nature through technology with hair systems that imitate the natural hair growth so perfectly that even professionals in the hair industry can’t tell the difference. This is the reassurance that you need when going for hair replacement.

Why NewHairLine Systems?


We are really good at this!

We Love Our Customers

Being full of hope, most hair loss sufferers are happy to try almost anything on their quest for the perfect solution. This hope is being abused by many companies on the market and hence puts a lot of people in a difficult position.

We wanted to make hair systems is accessible for everybody, no matter where you live.NewHairLineis an affordable and convenient solution for men and women suffering from hair loss.

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The people behind the magic NewHairLine  Team

With over 10 years’ experience, the newhairline founder Lukee Li has become the market leader in the hair replacement industry.

Luke Li, newhairline Founder

With a keen eye for detail, Alex oversees the running of newhairline HQ while effectively maintaining a close relationship with our clients and partners.

Alex Williams, Office Manager

As marketing manager, Ben has successfully continued to grow and market our brand amongst our consumers, while maintaining our core business values.

Ben Wilding, Marketing Manager

Working closely with our clients, Amy is well adverse in presenting our hair systems while relating our online products to the wider market.

JACK, Customer Relations

Our HQ customer service expert in the field of hair replacement systems, lily will guide you through your journey from start to finish.

Lily, Customer Relations

Ready for a New Front Hair Line?

At NewHairLine we specialize in delivering the highest quality, non-surgical hair replacement systems at affordable prices all over the world.

Established in 2003, NewHairLine has fast become the number one market leader in the hair replacement industry, where we believe our expertise is second to none.

We strongly believe that non-surgical hair replacements should be available to everyone and not just those who can afford it. Our name NewHairLine proudly represents these core values as we strive to achieve, natural looking hair at the prices you can afford.

Wherever you are suffering from alopecia or natural hair loss, NewHairLine can provide you with the best hair loss treatment available today!



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