Why NewHairLine



NewHairLine Systems are accessible and affordable. Cut, styled and ready-to-wear right out of the box without ever leaving the comfort of home


  • We deliver bespoke hair replacement systems directly to your front door
  • We provide tailor made hair pieces for much less than retail salons and shops.
  • We offer personal, professional and FREE support for all your needs.
  • We are committed to being open and honest and to provide second to none customer service. Your needs and satisfaction our number one priority!


True passion is essential in order to make fabulous hair systems. Throughout our history, NewHairLine's philosophy is to provide hair replacements that are natural looking and perfect fit to every individual client.


From drawing the first system base sketches to presenting our finished hair systems, NewHairLine applies the utmost attention to detail and quality. NewHairLine controls and monitors every step of the hair replacement making process, which ensures the highest quality. We are committed to providing our customers with the best hair replacement system on today’s market.


We make quality control our priority.  This ensures that every detail in product development is carefully planned and monitored by NewHairLine.


Not only is our hair a fundamental component of most NewHairLine products, we also have the greatest standard craftsmanship. Our employee selection process is thorough and meticulous. We only employee the best of craftsmen.


Our high standards ensure we produce the highest quality and array of soft, natural, durable products and accessories.