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Scalloped Front Skin Hair Replacement System - NewHairLine

Scalloped Front Skin Hair Replacement System


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We sell so many Mirage and NG every day.
On the other hand,not every one prefer the polyskin to be so thin.
Normal thickness skin(14-16mil) are also quite welcomed these days.
So,we are pleased to keep this Skin in stock from 2015.
The hair,the base,the workmanship, etc.
Everything is made according to our usual high standards.
With more consideration of durability, we make the poly skin into medium thickness.
And the density is in Medium 130%.
Base Specifications:
All Poly Skin in medium thickness, with scalloped front
Size:8"x10",can be cut to any size
 Color: 1,1B,1B10,1B20,1B30,1B40,1B50,1B65,1B80,210,220,240,3,310,320,340,4,410,420,440,5,510,520,540,6,7,17,18  ,20,22R
Hair Specifications:
Type :Remy Human Hair
Length: 6"

Wave Pattern:Light


Density:Medium density,130%
Style:Free Style


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why choose us

100% Top level Remy human hair available in all natural colors with different grey percentage human base color,synthetic gray hair density,wave and lengthhair length 6" medium light,100%28mm wavebase design and...

Our System Can Cover

Front Line

Frontal balding or receding hairline is the most common pattern of hair loss being observed in men

Crown Part

The crown is located on the back portion of the scalp Crown Part hair loss is very common in women and middle age men.

Mid Scalp

The midscalp refers to the region of the scalp behind the takes a secondary concern to the forelock in terms of importance.

Full Head

Even if you have full head hair loss problem, Newhairline customized hair system can cover your whole head just like your natural growing hair!

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Hair replacement systems

Our consistent dedication to light & natural designs is unique and everlasting.

Undetectable Hairline just 0.03mm

Handmade Knotting This process usually take more than 2 weeks

We use single-strand construction on our bases which means we only tie 1-2 hairs into each knot. No matter where you purchase your hair system, be aware of this deceptive practice. Make sure that your system is made with single-strand construction.

Desallination Technology