Attachment Removal Instructions

1Easy to follow guidelines for effectively removing Hair systems

In case you just don’t follow the perfect procedure then taking off your hair system may not be an easy task for you. You have to keep in mind that hair systems are made up of delicate materials and so it can easily get damaged. There are a number of people present who often purchase expensive hair systems from top graded saloons. When purchasing from saloons it is certain that people are not given any special training of how to remove it. Proper maintenance of hair systems can ensure that you get to use them for many years. You can follow simple DIY exercise to do it yourself.

We can provide you with simple and easy step by step guidelines for removing hair system safely. To eliminate possible hassles you need to get familiar with below listed steps.

1.1Step 1

Make use of quality adhesive remover

To get started you have to look around for genuine dab adhesive spray or remover that can be used on your scalp easily. You have to make use of something that is quality tested and best for your scalp.

When applying you need to ensure that the remover soaks in all available traces of adhesive from your scalp.

1.2Step 2

In case you don’t want to damage the front line of your hair system then you have to ensure that you get started removing it from back side of the scalp. You can make use of your index finger by inserting from the side line.

It is advisable to make use of Isopropyl alcohol or Adjust A-Bond spray for soaking it.

Important Tip – In case you are using full covered hair system then you should try and remove the side burns before you get started with removing it from the back side.

1.3Step 3

Get started with removing the hair system from the back side.

The moment you have identified the right spot at the back to remove it you can use your nails to peel it off slowly. You have to try and lift from the back side so you can insert your finger perfectly to lift it.

You can also make use of Adjust A-Bond pad when removing it from back side. It should be sprayed little at the base. This will remove the adhesive bond and make the process of removing more easily.

2Spray remover –

You should try and spray little amount of spray at the base side in between the hair system and scalp. You can try and use little more spray when lifting it.

3Using some amount of Dab-on remover –

You can soak towel or use dab-on remover to get rid of the adhesive. You have to try and use some amount of remover between the hair system and your scalp.

No matter what you use always ensure that you do it very gently till the entire hair system is removed.

Caution – If you are used to wearing something that is made up of polyurethane material then you should apply gentle pressure such that it does not get stretched.