Hair Curl and Wave

1Hair curl and Wave

Getting more information about hair curl and wave when speaking of your hair systems

This guide will provide you with better understanding of application of hair curl and wave in your system. This can in fact offer you with entire different looks.

As the selection can be very much difficult due to multiple options available it is certain that you may have to make your own selection of styles for your system. You can also seek advice from professionals to help you achieve the desired looks.

Curl and waver guidelines

2.1 A- Afro

1/8 inch that is the size of rod is termed as tight Afro with small sized curls or kinks. This curl is best for rod size.

2.2 B-Medium Afro

This is 3/16 sized which is in general little loose curl kink. This is also best for rod sized.

2.3 C-Tight curls

Rod size is 3/8 inch and when open the curls are of ¾ inch size that is almost equivalent to your thumb size. It can be of curl or wave variation mostly depends the way you dry it. You can comb flatter or leave it as curls.

2.4 D-Medium sized curls

Rod size is ½ inch when open will extend to around an inch. You can also cut it to around two inches length. It can also be in wave or curl variation. You can comb it to flatter or leave it wet to curl.

2.5 E-Light wave

Rod size is ¾ inch and when open will extend to around an inch or half. This is also one of the most common types preferred for styling. Even if cut to around two inches the hair will offer slight movement.

2.6 F-light movement

Rod size is an inch but will open to around 2 inch in the form of wave. Will be straight the moment you cut it to around two inches. Other waves in general cut little less as compared to this type.

2.7 G-Light Bend

Rod size is around one to half inch and will extend to around 3 inches as waves. You may not style it backwards. When cut will be in straight length.

2.8 H-straight

This is just like a straight pencil. This is certainly not preferred style for men. If left open will simply stand straight giving it volume.

Other factors affecting your selection of curl or wave

When permed and neutralized, the human hair is never true to the rod size. The hair will always open and the finished curl will always be larger than the actual rod size.

Also, the hair color has a profound, direct influence on how far the wave or curl will open. Darker hair will not open or loosen as much as the lighter hair. As a result, the finished curl will vary depending on the hair color.

The black family will not open as much as the browns. As for the blonds and reds, we don’t recommend curly hair styles due to the degradation to the integrity of the hair during the perming process.

If you prefer curls in your red or blond shades, we recommend using synthetic hair.