For custom hair systems, the average service takes 7-8 weeks, and the rush service takes 5-6 weeks.

For stock hair system, we will ship it out in 3 days after your purchase and the delivery time is 3-5 days.

Please check the follow pictures:

Hair Replacement System Size Measurement:

A: Front to back is the length of base size

B: Side to side is the width of base size (about 1” back from temple position), which normally

should be the widest position:

Actually, any type of hair piece base can be made more natural. Natural or not, there is some tips to help.

For lace base:
1. Nice knots which coming from skilled knotting peoples
2. Realistic front hairline which coming from irregular knotting skills
3. Invisible knots which coming from Perfect bleaching knots or dying after for black color

For Skin base:
1. No knots on the base which coming from v-looped or injected ventilation method
2. Ultra thin skin 0.03mm which coming from skilled base maker
3. Dying the PU base color closed to your special skin tone

1. Cutting scallop front hairline
2. Making an realistic silk top base design
3. Choose a suitable ventilate methods

Here is a video to show you how to apply it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0jybyez-ng&t=8s

The standard size of stock hair system is 8*10 inches, the front shape is CC,the hair length is 6 inches, and its choices are limited.

The custom hair system is completely made according to your requirements and can fit you well.

"Custom" means your hair replacement system is tailored to fit. Your new unit will be shaped and sized to match your unique balding pattern. It will be color matched, cut and styled to blend naturally with your own growing hair.

There are 2 ways to help:
1. Send back a mold and a piece of your own hair sample (to match the color and curl etc.).
2. Send back a old unit you wear for reference. So we can make a perfect duplication.
3.Order directly online: https://www.newhairline.com/collections/toupee-hair-systems

The lifespan of hair replacement system depends on various factors, such as the quality of the system base, the type of hair, and your daily maintenance routine.

Here is an approximate timeline guide:
1- 2 months for 0.03mm thin skin hair systems
2 - 4 months for 0.05 mm thin skin hair systems
4 - 6 months for 0.10 mm thin skin hair systems
5 - 8 months for 0.15 mm thin skin hair systems
5 - 7 months for Swiss lace hair system
6 - 9 months for French lace hair system
7-12 months for mono hair system

The lace hair system is soft, breathable and can provide a natural hairline.

The mono hair system is breathable and durable, it can last around one year.

The appearance and durability of the poly hair system depend on its thickness.

The thicker poly hair system can last longer, but its appearance will be less natural.

Recommend (New wearer):
For the new wearer, we recommend the Lace front hair system with Pu back, lace is natural and comfortable, Pu part is easy to attach and clean.

1. Comb your hair piece gently. Start from the hair ends and work upwards to the base of the cap. Don’t comb it from top to bottom.

2. Wash your lace wig by warm water with soft shampoo. Don’t rub the hair hardly. It will make the hair tangle and mat.

3. Condition the wig with wig conditioner after each wash.

4. Don’t wring or squeeze the wet hair. Use towel to soak the water by gently press. And then let it dry naturally in the air, but without any sunshine.

Please send back the mold (with the hair sample) by using DHL, UPS, or FedEx. If you sent it by other Express, it would be slow.
Make sure the value to be under 9USD and said item is: Sample

The shipping back address is:
Shaofeng Li (Newhairline)
Room 305 Qucheng Building, Dongping Street 309
Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, 215125

Double knot: It is ideal for a very thick hair system density with lots of and height. The bigger hair knots usually make it difficult to lay the hair down flat, thus the hairstyle should be fuller. The double knots will be more durable than others.
Single knot: It is the easiest to lay flat and is best for a freestyle hair pattern. However, compare to the double knot, it is easier to loose.
Half knot: It is the smallest and the most undetectable hair knot. The half knot is smaller than a single knot and can also be used in a slick back hair style.
Bleached knots: After the knots are being tied to the base, our workers apply a layer of bleach liquid to the knots. It takes out most of the color and leaving a virtually invisible knot. The major advantage is that it can create an undetectable hairline that looks like it’s growing from your scalp. But chemicals used in bleaching can make the knots weak and prone to hair loss.

V-looped Ventilation
The v-looped ventilation is applied to the poly system base. Our workers will puncture two holes (go and back hole) in the base with a needle which is specially for ventilating hair and then hook one or more strands of hair around the needle and pull the hair through the holes to make a V-shape. The strands of hair which attached to the needle depends on the hair density required by the customers. The next important of V-looped ventilation is sealing the hair. Before placing the hair system in an oven to dry, our workers need to turn over the base and brush a layer of poly on the underside to seal the hair and smoothen out the underside for the comfortable wearing experience.

Injected Ventilation
Just like V-looped ventilation, injected ventilation can only be used on the poly bases – it is not possible for lace, mono or any other type of base. Our workers also use a special kind of ventilation needle to punch the hair through the base without returning back to the up sides. It also creates the very natural appearance because there are no knots. This also causes the same problem as V-looped ventilation that the hair is easy to fall out if the base is very thin. The next step will be more complicated than v-looped ventilation. Before brushing on the poly, our workers will shave the hair roots simply by using an electric razor. The roots should be shaved to the same length. Our workers will leave the roots with a bit of length which will make the hair last longer on the base. Then, our workers will brush on a layer of poly to seal the hair and finally, they iron the roots down flat on the base when the poly still not dry. After the poly dry, the hair lay down and covered the base