How to Get the Perfect Color Match Hair System Every Time

How to get the perfect color match hair system every time?

Just as important as proper densitybase selection and styling is to the natural appearance of of your hairpiece, choosing the appropriate hair system color can mean the difference between style and perfection and shock and disrepair. The good news is if you remember a few simple rules of thumb, you'll be well on your way to a color that’s perfect (and natural) for you. 

Getting familiar with color graduation

Did you know your hair graduates? Yes, your natural growing hair has a color graduation of highlights and gray percentages, generally growing dark  in the back, eventually lightening toward the front, or “the frame” of your face. What's more, if you have gray hair, the highest percentage of gray are around your temples and the face frame. Some say its nature’s way of softening our wrinkles when we age. 


Gray percentages are the amount of gray hair in your system vs. another color (i.e. 60% brown/40% gray hair system) and can play a crucial part in achieving an age-appropriate color appearance.

Added realism or synthetic grey

We normally recommend using human hair for a natural appearance, but you'll always have a choice between human and synthetic hair for your hair replacement system. As a matter of fact, if you're thinking of adding gray to your system, combination of human and synthetic hair may be the way to go.

Human hair systems reflect light better than synthetic hair and look more natural in sunlight. It’s real hair, after all! But why synthetic hair for adding a touch of gray?

Remember, you can't color synthetic hair as easily as human hair and human hair is prone to color fading. In light of this, having a dual human/synthetic hair system allows you to color correct the human hair in your system without changing the gray percentage hair in your system.

  • Problem:You have both human brown and gray hair in your system. You hit the beach all summer and notice your faded hair color from the sun. With an all-human, brown/gray hair system, you can’t color correct the brown without coloring the gray and vice versa.
  • Solution:Use color-resistant synthetic gray for a realistic gray percentage and color the brown hair without damaging the gray strands!

    Two methods for achieving hair color match every time

    In case you are still confused then you just need to keep in mind that you can follow two methods for coloring your system.

    • Use samples from your natural growing hair
    • You can use swatch or color ring

    4.1 Option 1

    4.1.1 Use sample from your natural hair (Advisable)

    It is most advisable option as you can blend the color from your natural hair. We can then match the color of the system with your natural hair.

    4.1.2 You can provide with samples from three distinct areas for best results.

    • Back – This is the centre of your scalp from the back region.
    • Sides – Just nearby to your ears.
    • Temples – This is the front part of your scalp.
    • Crown – The top back part of your scalp.
    • Top – Top part of your scalp.
    • Front – From the front hair line.

    4.1.3 You have to ensure that you provide with sufficient quantity for us to work with.

    You should try and provide with at least 200 hair in each sample of about 3 inches in length. You can also include ½ number of hair as swatches for each color ring.

    Important – Avoid covering samples with adhesive tapes. Even using a transparent tape will not help us detect the exact color match. Avoid clipping hair samples as light reflection may not be even on different samples.

    4.1.4 Tips by the professional HD LAB

    The process of providing with samples is not difficult. We try and test different methods for coloring hair systems. Soon we will be able to blend the color with your natural hair using one sample only.

    4.2Option 2

    4.2.1 Color ring

    In case you are not comfortable to provide with your cut hair sample then you can make the selection of the color from over 150 shade rings or color swatches. You just have to select the right color ring that matches perfectly with your natural hair color.

    4.2.2 Making the selection is easy:

    • You have to make the selection from 3 to 5 rings provided from the swatch.
    • You have to match the one that blends perfectly with your natural hair color and reject others.

    Each color ring is different from the other. You certainly may be having rings that were provided by other supplier but it is not advisable to use it when ordering with us. We offer with different color rings and coding systems. So you have to ensure that you use only HD color rings.

    4.2.3 Make your selection in day light

    Sun light is the best option for you to make the right color selection.

    The upside factor – You may notice that a black suit from your closet will actually appear slightly blue in shade in the sun light. This is natural change as sun can reflect true light. So when selecting color for your hair system this factor will prove more helpful.

    The downside factor – Even if it will help you make the right color selection still it is also very much damaging for your hair system.

    4.2.4 Oxidation process – Most damaging factor for hair systems

     Now that you are aware of blending and sample taking factor it is important for you to understand the right method to take care of your system. The fact is that human hair tends to fade away easily in sun light. This chemical change is called as oxidation as UV rays can kill the chemicals in your hair.

    If there was no oxidation then there was no need for hair systems maintenance as your hair systems would not have faded away. You may certainly get to notice this change over some time period.

    You can make use of best anti oxidation products to reverse this change or reduce it to some extent.

    4.2.5 Collect more information related to maintaining your best hair system.

    Video tutorials – You can go through our quick video tutorial to see how easy it is to color your hair system. The guide is provided by our best clients.

    Discussion Forums – You can be a part of our discussion forums and exchange queries related to hair systems from our professionals.

    Look around for anti-oxidation products – As your system is fading away with time, you can take a few precautions to prevent this from happening.