Liquid Adhesives

1Toupee Bonding adhesive – Liquid Adhesive

Liquid adhesive available for bonding hair systems or toupees are considered as one of the most effective hair bonding systems available. You can use them for both purposes – daily use types or extended use types.

When searching the current market you may come across two distinct types – water and solvent based adhesives. Let’s get familiar with the differences between them.

When using the liquid adhesive you have to ensure that you apply it using a glove, squeeze or dab-on. Apart from this, to make it more effective you have to wear the hair system at the right time when it is dry.

Getting familiar with the right quantity to use is also important so that it becomes easy to clean it when removing the hair system.

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Water vs. Solvent based – You need to understand the real difference between the two types and their uses.

Drying guidelines – This is one of he most important points to consider, if you need a very strong bonding the moment you use the liquid adhesive.