Scalp Preparation

1Guidelines – How to prepare your scalp perfectly

In case your hair system looses its adhesion strength much earlier in time, or does your selection of right adhesive tape or liquid adhesion not work quiet well for your hair piece? You have to keep in mind that if you want long lasting results then you have to ensure that you have taken all possible steps for preparing your scalp first. Proper preparation and cleaning is important task.

In case you have not perfectly cleaned the adhesive residue from your scalp before replacing your hair system, then it is certain that you may not get the desired results.

This is not difficult task, you can follow the guidelines provided by us here below:-

Step One

Perfectly cleaning adhesive residue from your scalp

One of the main things to get started with is to wash away all left over residue of adhesive from your scalp. In case you see any leftover adhesive residue then you can use soft cloth or towel to clean it. Apart from this you can also make use of adhesive remover liquid or spray to perfectly clean your scalp region.

Important Tips – In case you are looking for long lasting results then you can try and spray small amount of Adjust-A Bond liquid on your scalp region. You can make use of cotton cloth or towel to clean your scalp. This will clean off any left over residue of the adhesive from your scalp.

2Rinse your scalp perfectly

It is important to rinse and clean your scalp completely. To make it more effective you can also get under the shower and rinse it at least two times gently.

You can also make use of exfoliating scrub to perfectly clean your hair and scalp region. You can also wear gloves when rinsing your scalp. This should in general be repeated at least five times such that all traces of adhesion is removed completely.

Important Tips – Even if 1 percent hair system adhesive residue is left on your scalp then you may never get desired results. This means that you may need hair system replacement very often. You need to ensure tat you use genuine cleansing shampoo every time you remove it. This will also help maintain perfect pH of your scalp region. You should always ensure that exfoliating gloves are used when doing this.

Step Three

Dry well after shower

The moment you rinsed your scalp under the shower you have to ensure that you have dried your scalp well. You can make use of light hair dryer and towel. It is important to dry all moisture from your scalp region.

In case you are having unwanted hair traces on the scalp region then you need to remove it by shaving it off. To get the best result you can make use of genuine electric shaver.

Step Four

Use water resistant sealant

To get the best result you need to apply a thin layer of sealant that is water resistant. You can look around for scalp prep, that is more effective. This will offer maximum protection to your scalp skin and at the same time ensure long lasting bondage. (Before you attach the hair system you have to ensure that the adhesive has dried out completely).

Once you have completed all steps for preparing your scalp then only you should be able to attach the hair system. You can try and collect more guidelines on how to wear and remove extended hair systems.