Tape Adhesives

Tape Adhesives for Hair systems and Toupee

Hairpiece and toupee tape adhesives for hair system attachments are double-sided.  Some refer to these adhesives as “surgical” or “medical grade” adhesive strips, manufactured in a sterile environment.

General adhesive tapes for different varieties of hair systems

Toupee tape is generally clear. There are some exceptions when it comes to cloth tape. Cloth tape comes in several colors and types, such as red liner tape. Typically, one uses colored cloth tapes in various other applications.

In addition to the variety of types and colors, toupee adhesive will typically sell in rolls or strips. The strips are available in various contours specifically shaped to fit the front hairline and outer edge of many popular toupee hair systems.

Collect more information related to adhesive tapes

Wide variety of options available – You need to get familiar with the meaning of various colors used and which is the best and not so good option available.

Size, rolls and shapes – Go through the reviews of four major options available in different colored stripes including other types.

How to Apply – If you are not familiar with what to do next with toupee adhesive then you can go through these instructions to get familiar with its application methods.