How to avoid Hair loss from your Hair system

Hair loss

There are numerous reasons in which people suffer hair loss. In hair systems, friction and bacteria are a duo which can wreak havoc, but you can fight back! Together or on their own, friction and bacteria can cause trauma to your hair. By the same token, limiting this problem will help prevent the strands in your hair system from falling out and keep it looking its best for longer. 

Avoid Friction

Hair systems can in fact face friction very often as they are dry due to absence of sebum. This natural oily substance produced helps in maintaining the right level of lubrication in the hair. It also offers with necessary protection against static and friction.

In case you are using a pillow case that is made up of any harsh material then more friction will be generated when sleeping. This constant contact in fact breaks your hair linen. In case you make use of satin material then it is certain that you can reduce the friction to a much greater extent. This will increase the life span of your hair system.

When wearing a hair system you should also avoid wearing helmets or caps. This will in fact lengthen the adhesive bonding till effective.

As excessive combing also creates a lot of friction so it is advisable to avoid it. You can also make use of best lubricating agent like Gel Mist by Pro Touch. This will enable you to style perfectly.

Avoid bacteria

Bacteria build-up will destroy the hair structure, not to mention cause it to weaken and break. Note where the hair is tied into the system, these are the most vulnerable areas as they hold and retain moisture.

Above all, you want to avoid using conditioners containing hydrolyzed proteins like panthenol or pro-vitamin B5. Instead, a spray-on, leave-in conditioner may be a suitable alternative as it will not hide where hairs are tied in to the system's base.

With that said, we recommend using a shampoo containing hydrolyzed proteins. The strands in your hair system will absorb the proteins during the cleaning process and the excess is more likely to be rinsed away.

Knot sealer is recommended

While we use styling products to keep our hair and hair systems looking fabulous,  these products can also weaken the knots in your base. Shaping cremes and hair sprays seep into the knots, weakening them and causes the hair to fall out. With this in mind, a knot sealer can slow or even stop hair loss. How? By locking the hair knots to your base with a thin, silicone-based layer of protection. With regular use, a knot sealer could eliminate hair loss in your unit.


  • Friction and bacteria are not the good guys
  • Use a satin pillowcase when sleeping
  • Avoid wearing hats or helmets
  • Avoid excessive combing of dry hair
  • Do not use rinse type conditioners which contain protein
  • Do use shampooscontaining protein
  • Use a knot sealer to lock hair knots to your base