How to detangle for your hairpieces?


Often, the strands in your hair system tangle. It's a normal occurrence, however, this can mean a lot more than a few extra minutes of combing in the morning.

Sadly, by detangling your hair system the wrong way, you can diminish the condition and life span of your investment despite it's a relatively new purchase.

Safe Do-It-Yourself Tips

Use these simple, safe and effective tips to get minor hair tangles out. As a matter of fact, every person wearing a hair replacement system should be aware of these DIY tips to detangling locks.

  • Before shampooing your hair, wet your entire head and brush your hair in the same direction. This adds moisture to your scalp and to the hair shaft, plus it will ease the friction while washing.
  • If your hair tangles before shampooing, it helps to dilute your shampoo with a bit of water before applying. Equally important, this will make it easier to rub the shampoo into the hair.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb or a Vent Brush while you shampoo. Combing through the hair while shampooing will help prevent hair strands from intertwining and getting caught on each other.

Professional Detangling Procedure:

For the purpose of providing you with the best tips for detangling your hair system, the following process is identical to the one commonly used by professionals in the hair replacement industry for detangling most human hair systems. However, we recommend you consult your hair system manufacturer before proceeding. The steps are relatively simple, but the process could result in permanent damage to your hair system if executed improperly.

Pro method of detangling hair

This may be damaging to your hair system. Most professionals make use of this method in the industry when preparing hair systems. You can try and consult a professional manufacturer before trying out yourself. The process is simple but may damage completely if not performed well.

Things you require

Big sink for warm water

2 gallons of warm water

Clorox bleach – ¼ cup

House hold ammonia – ¼ cup

Comb or brush with wider bristles

For effective results

Measuring container


Hydration shampoo by Pro Touch

3.1 Step 1

Preparing Clorox scrub

Draw one gallon of hot, tap water into the sink. Next, pour in 1/4 cup of Clorox™ bleach into the sink with the hot tap water.


Quick Tip: To determine what a gallon of water looks like in your sink, first plug your drain. Secondly, fill a gallon container with water and empty it into the sink. Third, make a note of the water line. Lastly, drain the water from the jug and refill the sink with hot, tap water

3.2 Step 2

Preparing Clorox tangle scrub

With the base facing up, carefully place the hair system into mixture of the Clorox™ and pipping, hot water. As soon as the unit is in the mixture, begin gently brushing out the tangles with a vent brush. Remember to start at the ends of the hair system. After a few strokes, you should begin to notice the strands break free of each other. Continue brushing for up to two minutes.


Quick Tip: We recommend you brush the tangles out from back to front, concentrating your efforts on the most tangled and knotted areas.


Warning: Do not exceed the time limit and allow the hair system to be in contact with the Clorox and hot water mixture for more than two minutes!

3.3Step 3


Get started with draining away the water and Clorox mix. Now try and rinse the hair system using warm water. You have to try and maintain the base upside of the hair system. This will keep the hair from getting tangled further.

Caution – The moment you mix ammonia and bleach it can produce chlorine gas that is harmful.

3.4 Step 4

Preparing ammonia scrub

Take a gallon of hot water and add around ¼ cup of ammonia in the bathroom sink.

3.5 Step 5

Preparing scrub

Now keep the hair system in the sink. You have to follow the same method to brush it in one direction from back to the front part. This should be done for about 2 minutes.

Now you may notice silky and smooth tangle free hair system.

Important (FYI)

When performing step 2 you should have eliminated most tangles. The ammonia will remove all traces of acid left due to bleach.

3.6 Step 6

Drain the mix

You have to drain all the ammonia mix. You again have to wash the hair system with warm water. You have to keep the hair system facing upwards and not backwards to avoid tangling.

You have to try and clean away all ammonia from the hair system.

3.7 Step 7

Dry the hair system

You ca try and fold the system inside the paper towel carefully. You have to apply gentle pressure to dry it. You have to ensure that additional moisture is removed.

Once dried you can now use the vent brush to style the hair system.

Important – To get the best results you can use the Styrofoam head system for holding the hair system firmly when brushing.