Perfectly cleaning your hair system


No matter if you are a daily or extended hair wearer, eventually the adhesive residue will build-up in your system and get into the hair. To help protect your hair replacement system, we recommend regular care and maintenance.

Guidelines for cleaning hair system

Below are instructions for removal of adhesive build-up on both polyurethane (skin) as well as mesh-fabric (lace) bases. Identically, this process will also get adhesive residue out of the hair.

Caution – Avoid this process if you use silicon based system

Things you may need

Adhesive remover

Liquid for washing dish


Light shampoo

Shower or running water


Toilet paper


clean your hair system

3.1 Step 1

emoving the hairpiece tape

Start by carefully removing the hairpiece tape from the polyurethane areas of your system.

Use your fingernail to gently "flick" or scrape the edges of the hairpiece tape to start the peeling process.

Warning: Do not attempt to peel away or remove any tape from the lace areas, otherwise, you could damage the unit.

Quick Tip: Having problems getting the tape off? Try soaking your hair system in the adhesive remover first (step 2) for several hours before peeling it off. If you soak it first, it may be slippery. Use a piece of a paper towel to get a better grip on the tape.

3.2 Step 2


Soaking the hair system

Next, wash your entire head. (It's easier if you step into the shower stall.) As a matter of fact, you should wash your hair and scalp thoroughly at least two times.

While you're showering, soak the hair system in a plastic or stainless steel container capable of holding liquid solvent.

Soaking times may vary depending on the type of hair system and adhesive you're using. Some wearers will only need their unit to soak for 20 minutes. By the same token, other wearers may need to keep it in the solvent for up to 24 hours!

Quick Tip: If you have tape on the lace areas of your system, the adhesive should naturally release after about 5-30 minutes of soaking and float to the top of the solvent. (Again, you may need to adjust the soak time if using a higher tack tape.) Simply scrape the strips of tape from the container as they are released.



3.3 Step 3


Cleaning the hair system

Take the system out of the solution and keep it in the sink facing upwards.

You have to gently rinse the lace region with brush so that the adhesive residue can be removed easily. You can use the finger nail brush to soften the adhesive residue.

You can also make use of teaspoon for scrapping the skin region if any additional adhesive residue is left. You have to scrub it gently using vertical strokes.

Once removed you have to keep the hair system soaked in the solution for about 2 to 3 minutes.

3.4 Step 4

Rinsing the hair system

Moving your system from the solvent back into the sink, squirt a liberal amount of hand dishwashing liquid onto the base of the hair system while it's still saturated with solvent. At this point, any remaining adhesive residue will lose all tack.

Gently glide the fingernail brush across the edges of the base and out through the hair. Then, all the remaining adhesive residue should slide off easily. After a few minutes of brushing, rinse your hair system under high pressure, lukewarm water down through the base. (Repeat this step a second time.)

Still adhesive residue in your hair system? Repeat step 2.

3.5Step 5

Shampoo and condition


Finally, after thoroughly rinsing, wash the unit again. This time, use a mild shampoo to balance the acid levels and lastly, condition your hair system.

Your unit should now be clean and clear of any old adhesive residue. You're now ready to reattach and begin wearing the fresh system!