Right method to shampoo your Hair system

1Shampoo tips

In case you don’t do it perfectly then it is certain that shampoo can tend to damage your hair system to a greater extent.

Apart from this anyone does not want to have a bed odor hair piece. To main a clean hair system it is certain that you may have to shampoo it at least twice a week. To maintain your system it is certain that you may have to shampoo it two times a week.

Apart from this it is certain that you may also have to condition it to maintain shine. We recommend you to use conditioner on daily basis for your hair system.

This will help in maintaining the perfect moisture in the hair system. This will also offer it with soft looks for a longer period of time. You can also make use of leave in conditioner ion daily basis.

Quick guidelines for conditioning hair systems

  • Use every day
  • Use it on hair and not your scalp
  • Rinse well
  • Make use of leave in type

Guideline for using shampoo perfectly

This certainly may be an important task for anyone who is using hair systems. Even if rough it certainly can ensure to keep your system clean. You can follow below stated guidelines as tutorial.

4Shampoo only twice a week!

4.1Spread evenly

You have to get started with pouring little shampoo in your palm. Get started with rinsing it over your natural hair. Then evenly try and spread the shampoo on the remaining part of the hair system.

4.2Avoid rubbing the hair system

When applying shampoo to your hair system you have to try and avoid scrubbing the hair system. In case you have to then ensure that you use less pressure. Scrub gently with your finger tips in a smooth pattern.

4.3Scrub gently

The moment you have shampooed you have to rinse it gently. Ensure your hair are not tangled. You should rinse with water in one direction only. You should face in the same direction. If you notice some tangled hair then you can follow our guidelines.

5Related guidelines

Pro method for cleaning hair system – You have to get familiar with professional guidelines for cleaning the hair system. This will help eliminating all unwanted residues left in the system.

Preparing your scalp – Before wearing the hair system you have to ensure that it is perfectly cleaned. This will help secure hair system in its place for long time.