Care and Maintenance

We expose our hair or hair systems to pollutants and chemicals, which can damage your investment. Because we understand you value your hair system, we've put together information we hope you find useful in maintaining and caring for your hair replacement system properly.

1Preventing Oxidation

As the seasons change, the cold weather, the sun, coupled with the rain all have equal parts in wreaking havoc on your hair system. By the same token, the sun dries out the hair even in the cooler months. UV rays may be good for green life and warming the oceans, but it's not kind to your hair system.

2Don't let the summertime REDS bring you down

Harmful UV Rays from the sun can cause the strands in your hair system to turn orange or red. This change is called oxidation and though it is a gradual process, it could affect you and the natural appearance of your hair replacement, especially if you spend hours outdoors.

3What is oxidation anyway?

Oxidation is a chemical reaction which affects the color hues in your hair anytime oxygen is present and the molecules are getting exposure to UV light.

In other words, anytime you're outside in the sun, you're exposed to these molecules! This chemical reaction causes damage to the outer layer of the hair shaft in both human and synthetic hair.

4How does oxidation affect your hair system?

Your hair system may begin to take on a red hue or color tint. Of course, this is a direct result of losing the green color pigments in the hair shafts of a hairpiece.

With exposure to the elements, these color pigments turn red.  What's more is oxidation causes the outer layer of hair follicles to peel back. Comparatively, imagine the trunk of a palm tree... this is what the hair follicles in your system look like after oxidation has begun!

5Oxidation is awful, now what?

An ounce of prevention = A pound of protection.
Most hair replacement products contain UV protectors to help block most of these harmful rays and some even contain antioxidants to help neutralize the process entirely. Although this may be true, using these products doesn't mean oxidation will never be an issue, but they will help.

Above all, every man and woman wearing a hair system should have the best products to help prevent oxidation. You'll develop your own preferences eventually, but for now the list below is a great place to start.

Also, if you spend long periods outdoors, you may want to consider wearing a hat or baseball cap. Anytime you can protect your hair system from direct UV sunlight, it will help to extend the time it takes to oxidize.