Maintaining a soft hair system

1Hair softness

Sebum is what causes our hair to be soft and manageable. It's why our roots are moist and at the same time, it's why we must constantly wash our hair. After a few days of wear, our hair becomes oily and our strands feel heavy. It's because of this we must continue to wash and condition our locks.  

Many of us do not recognize what sebum is. If this is your case, sebum is a fluid, secreted by the sebaceous gland, which attaches itself to the hair follicles. It is there the sebum makes its deposit and brings it to the skin's surface and along the hair shaft.

The sebum coating helps to hydrate the natural strands so it can grow to be long and strong. With that said, if you're wearing a hair system, it doesn't take part in this process. Not even when you purchase human hair.

The human hair replacement system has some secretions remaining, however, it's not enough to withstand the treatments and peelings. In the same manner, constant wear and cleaning of the hair system will eventually dry out the hair, leaving your system dry and brittle.

How can you maintain soft hair for longer time?

Soft hair looks can certainly not be an easy task for anyone. Getting that soft looks can certainly be difficult and impossible mission, even for hair systems. You can still follow the basic tips provided by us.

You may have to follow the below stated dos and don’ts for soft smoother hair systems.


  • Over shampooing
  • Longer exposure to chlorine or swimming
  • Using blow dryer


  • Regular conditioner
  • Use sunscreen based products for hair
  • Dry naturally

3How to maintain softer looking hair

With the developing technology it is certain that some day we may develop hair systems that may not require to worry about softness issues. Till then manufacturers may have to try and craft hair systems that can be maintained soft for longer period of time.

The moment you are placing your order in the online world you may have the benefit of making it very much affordable and simple task. You can also go through our cost efficient plan list. This will make your purchase more cost effective the moment you need a replacement.

4Products that can help maintain soft hair

  • Product line by nearly natural
  • Product line by Remi Soft
  • Hydration Shampoo by Pro touch
Leave in conditioner by Pro Touch