Applying Fusion Adhesive Bond Effectively

1.Applying Fusion Adhesive Bond Effectively

Once you have cleaned your hair system you have to ensure that you apply Fusion Bond By Pro Touch for long lasting bond. You can follow the below stated steps for better results.

2.Things you may need

  • Fusion Bond by Pro Touch for extended wear
  • Precision pen for fusion bond by Pro Touch
  • Glue brushes disposable type
  • Styrofoam brush with base clamp
  • T-Pins
  • Mold for releasing adhesive
  • Paper sheets
  • Adjust A Bond

2.1 Step 1

Surface preparation

You have to clean the base well and dry it perfectly at least for 24 hours. It is important that the base should be well cleaned.

Now you can attach it on the Styrofoam base facing upwards.

You can also make use of T-Pins to clamp it perfectly. This will secure your unit. Avoid pulling the t-pins. Just place it for holding the system to the base stand.

2.2 Step 2

Application of glue

You have to ensure that you have applied little amount of glue Fusion Bond adhesive around an inch apart from each other. You have to ensure that the glue does not run out of the base.

Important – In case any glue gets run on the hair then ensure to clean it immediately. You can use water or even Adjust A bond to remove it with a comb or brush.

2.3 Step 3

Apply one coat first

You can make use of disposable brush to apply the glue. Try and apply it in smooth path with a thin coat. You have to cover the base at the side comfortably. You can make use of Fusion Precision pen to cover the edges and sides. Avoid applying adhesive on the hair.

Important – If any glue gets stuck to your finger then you can clean it with Adjust A bond and towel.

In case more adhesive is need then you can apply little more dots and spread evenly at the entire base. Always ensure you avoid using too much adhesive at the sides.

Maintain a thin layer of adhesive and spread it evenly with a brush. The layer has to be smooth and thin.

2.4 Step 4

Spread glue at the edges

Once you complete the first layer of glue with your brush, use your FusionBond Precision Pen to complete the layer of glue around the edges.

First, prep the pen by turning the end until you expose a small dot of glue on the brush.

Secondly, paint a thin coat of adhesive to the exposed sides and back edges of the base, bringing the adhesive precisely to the edge.

Last, apply a a small amount of adhesive to the front edge. It's important to get a thin coat of adhesive all the way to the edge, but remember to be careful to avoid getting adhesive on the hair.

2.5 Step 5

Repeat again

Once you apply the first layer of adhesive, wait for it to dry clear. Then, apply a second and third coat in the same manner as the first.

The third coat is optional and its intend is to to extend the bond time. You may want to experiment with two or three coats, depending on the length of time you intend to wear your  Skin system.

After the adhesive dry clear, carefully place the hair system on the adhesive-release mold until you are ready to reattach it.