How to Effectively Clean Adhesive from your Scalp-2021

How to effectively clean adhesive from your scalp

After you remove your skin hair system, it's important to realize you’ll need to thoroughly clean the base so it’s ready for your next attachment. It’s equally important to be gentle with your thin skin hair system as the base is very thin and can tear. 

Also, if it stretches while cleaning, the system may tend to lose hair easier.

We’ve developed a safe and easy process to remove the adhesive from your base so you don’t damage it during cleaning. We recommend you have a second hair system to allow ample time for cleaning, drying and re-bonding while your base is, essentially, cleaning itself.

Things you may need

  • Water sink
  • Base cleaner from Pro Touch
  • Big soak basin can be a container made up of plastic
  • Styrofoam stand
  • Shampoo for deep cleansing
  • Shampoo hydration based
  • Blow dry brush of poly tip
  • Towel

2.1 Step 1

Completely soak the hair system

First, pour some CleanSkin Base Cleaner into your soaking basin, enough to fully submerge the base of your hair system.

Next, place your system into the basin hair-side up, and fully submerge the base so the adhesive residue is fully covered with the base cleaner. By all means, if you need to, go ahead and add more base cleaner to fully cover the base of your system.

Once you submerge the base into the cleaner, close the lid and allow it to soak for eight to 24 hours.

2.2 Step 2

Removing left over residue

After a minimum of eight hours to a maximum of 24 hours, carefully remove the system from the cleaning solution.

Go to your basin and hold your hair system under cold, running water.

The adhesive should easily peel away from the base. Another key point to remember is if residue remains on the base, gently remove it with your Scalp Cleansing Brush. To be sure the adhesive washes away, rinse thoroughly.

2.3 Step 3


Once you remove the adhesive, shampoo the hair and base twice with a deep cleansing shampoo to remove any cleaning solution. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

After using the deep cleansing shampoo, saturate the hair with a hydrating shampoo, wash completely and rinse well in cold water.

2.4 Step 4


Dry excess water

To dry the hair system, simply lay it on a towel, fold the microfiber towel over and in a gentle manner, press out the excess water. Accordingly, lay the system hair-side up on a Styrofoam head, however, do not use pins!

To emphasize, gently arrange the hair the way you like it and let the system air dry for about 24 hours.

After the base and hair are completely dry, you can apply adhesive to the base again. We recommend you reapply ProTouch FusionBond Extended-Wear Adhesive.