Process for Touching Frontline Bond

1Process for touching frontline bond

In case your hair system front line has loosen up after wearing it for some time you can make necessary adjustments. You can always bond it back again at the front edge. This will help hair system to stay connected to your scalp for more time.

2Things you may need

  • Fusion Bond Pen by Pro Touch
  • Hairhold Velcro type
  • Towel microfiber type
  • Adjust A Bond by Pro Touch
  • Swabs cotton type
  • No Sweat by Pro Touch
  • Paper towel damp type
  • Comb

2.1Step 1

Adjust and secure front hair

You can make use of the Velcro hair hold for securing the front edge of the hair in its place. You can also make use of precision pen.

2.2Step 2


You can make use of damp swab and Adjust A Bond to remove additional oil from the scalp area. This will also loosen the base of hair system from the front edge. You need to get started with loose and exposed edge.

The bond will take 30 seconds to evaporate so you can add the right amount when needed.

2.3Step 3

No Sweat application

Spray a little amount of no sweat on swab and then rub it on the scalp that is exposed.

2.4Step 4

Front edge marking

You have to try and mark the edge where you have to apply the glue on the fore head. You need to place the front part of the system face down so you know where to mark it.

Using the big bristle of the comb create an indentation of 2 mm between the system and your scalp. You have to apply glue to the scalp at the marking point.

2.5Step 5

Apply perfect glue at the front edge

Now take the precision pen and open its end till you see glue drop exposed at the tip of the brush

Important – In case you are using it for the first time then you may have to try it several times before finally applying it.

Lift the front edge of the base and try to apply little amount of glue in between. Ensure you apply thin layer of glue only. You have to ensure to apply glue only where needed.

You have to try and apply thin and smooth layer of glue evenly at the edge.

Important – In case you need excess glue you have to turn the tip of the precision pen.

Once you have finished applying the glue you should replace the cap immediately so it does not get dried.

It is important that the glue gets dried on your scalp right after the application. Once dried you have to use your moist finger so it does not get stuck and apply little pressure at the front edge to place it back and secure it. You may notice that the edge becomes invisible immediately.

Once dried the hair system will be secured again.