How to color Hair Systems effectively


There are chances that your hair system could be loosing its natural color and fading away. The following instructions will help you maintain and restore the color of your system, as recommended by professionals.

Caution – This method can only be used for natural human hair systems and can lead to damaging the system if not properly followed. Follow the instructions very carefully.

Thing you may need

Coloring kit by professionals

Glass or plastic container

Latex or rubber gloves

Conditioner leave in type

Dry and clean towel

Running tap water

6oz warm water

Shampoo with mild base

Soft bristles brush or comb

2.1 Step 1

Mixing I the right proportion

For medium Brown, dark Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blond and Black hair systems you have to mix color solution, drabber and developer in 3/4oz, 3/4oz and 1oz in a glass or plastic based container bowl.

If the hair system is Light Blond, Medium Blond or very light Blond in color then you have to mix color, drabber and developer in the proportion 3/4oz, ¼ oz and 1 oz in glass or plastic container.

When mixing always ensure that you are wearing gloves (rubber or latex material). Then you have to mix the solution gently in the bowl or container.

The moment you have mixed it you have to add around 6oz warm water to it in the container.

Important – You may find around four types of color when purchasing our professional coloring kit. For each type you may have to take around ¼ oz for developer and  1/2oz for color and drabber.

2.2 Step 2

Soaking Hair System

After you mix together the color solutions, begin dipping the hair system into the container to begin the color change.

In order to accomplish an ombre look or graduated color (darker at the bottom and lighter on the front and top), start by dipping the back of the unit into the solution, then wet the sides and ends.

After a minute, two or three, do a color check. Take a section of the hair between your thumb and index finger and squeeze out the moisture. Examine the strands to see if the color has set to your liking, but keep in mind the hair will be lighter after it dries.

Continue checking the color level by squeezing out the solution. Once you have the entire unit covered with the mixture, remove the unit from the container as the chemicals in the hair system needs oxygen. The oxygen serves as a catalyst to make the chemicals react.

2.3 Step 3

Rinsing the system

The moment you have achieved the desired color you can take out the hair system and get started with rinsing process immediately. You have to rinse it with warm water from the tap.

Once rinsed you have to clean it with a mild shampoo. You can make use of Replenishing shampoo by Pro Touch for best results. The shampoo is formulated with quality reagent for stripping for both non growing and growing hair.

After you're done shampooing the system, rinse it out once more.

2.4 Step 4

Blotting dry the hair system

Once you have rinsed it completely you have to use a clean towel to blot away excess amount of water.

You can attached the system to your scalp when little damp.

You can now use leave in conditioner spray by Pro Touch for getting best results. Avoid using a thick base conditioner as it may not be easy to wash away. This will also cause knot formation on the hair system. Pro touch is the right option available for you.

Now you can easily brush the hair system sing comb or brush and then let it dry up naturally.

You should in fact be able to restore its natural desired color when dried. 

Important – We have made use of Styrofoam head for getting best results. You can also follow the same instructions for getting similar results.