Base guide for hair systems

Choosing the right hair replacement system base design is the most important part. We have more than 50 base designs. Full lace, lace front, skin and mono top. Still not enough to cover your needs? Send us your request, we can also make custom orders!

When you choose your base designs, please remember if you want appearance or durability. It would be a mistake to choose a  lace base if you want durability, it also will be wrong to choose mono base if you want appearance. In order to help you make a right decision, we already include a chart with each base design which shows different levels of appearance and durability.


Estimated Life Span: 3-5 Months

The advantage with full lace toupee is that it’s very light in weight making it very comfortable and very breathable . When you place the unit against your scalp this delicate lace becomes completely invisible and creates an undetectable natural appearance.



Estimated Life Span: 5-6 Months

Lace Front Bases toupee is a perfect balance of comfortable and durability. This type of bases are also undetectable in front,but not as comfortable as full lace bases. The maintenance is lower than full lace bases since it is easy to clean.



Estimated Life Span: 9-10 Months

Typically Mono top base designs are well featured all around. It is very durable and has great breathability. A very common base people use because it is very affordable and easy to maintain. The Mono top also offers excellent breathability and comfort.



Estimated Life Span: 4 Weeks

The translucent membrane allows the scalp color to show through, which renders an exquisite illusion of the hair emerging from the scalp. Easy clean up, removal and attachment.