Hair Types

Hair Types

In general there is 3 types of real human hair are used for making the systems –Asian, Indian and European. You may also find different variations in the three types, but let’s just follow the basics.

FAQ’s about Hair systems and hair used.

2.1 What texture of hair are used by NewHairLine?

We always want to find better and more better quality human hair, we makes frequent trips to Asia and Indian to select each bundle of Chinese and Indian hair. The hair is then taken to our factory in Jiaozhou, Qingdao where it is then processed, including cuticle removal and color them.

We do not advise to use synthetic hair for hair systems but in some case our client request to used that,  NewHairLine only uses the finest synthetic hair by Kanaka Fugi, Japan.




2.2 What are the right knots for ordering?

This is a very technical issue and important. Our technical man will let you know about this. And also this factor may vary depending on the hair style you use.

2.3 Why are bleached knots used in systems?

We ensure that pigmentation from the lace material is removed perfectly so that the hair is less visible on the hair systems.

2.4 Is it possible to apply bleached knots if I am having dark skin color?

Yes, bleaching the knot will cause it to lose most of its color and become nearly translucent. However, you can only have bleached knots when you are wearing a lace hair system.

2.5 Is it possible to make hair system if I am African-American?

Yes, we can. 

 2.6 Tell me about Remy Hair?


"Remy hair" has been a term used industry-wide with many different definitions attached to  The one description that comes up the most is “virgin hair” which is completely unprocessed hair with the cuticle still intact. 

One of the other things that’s been suggested is that Remy hair is synonymous with European hair. Some even think it's the best hair that money can buy. Unfortunately, this too is untrue. The terms “Remy hair” and “European hair” are completely separate.

The true definition of “Remy” hair simply refers to how the hair is handled and stored. In other words, it's hair that's kept “root-to-tip.” What is “root-to-tip?” It's hair that is bundled so that the cuticle lays in the same direction from the time the hair is cut from the donor. But by the time it gets attached to your hairpiece, it is in one way or another, processed hair! It is permed, colored and the cuticle is removed—all of which are processes that the hair goes through to give every hair wearer the color, texture and wave/curl that they need and want.



2.7 Is it possible to add highlights to my hair system?

Yes it is. You can make use of color graduation to offer with better and natural looks. 

2.8 What needs to be done in case the hair gets dried up in the hair system?

Because a hair system can't get nature’s oils from sebaceous glands, it will eventually become dry and brittle. To combat dry hair, we recommend you use a shampoo formulated for hair systems and do a deep conditioning treatment on your hair system on a regular basis.