Selecting Best Hair Style Depending on Your Face Shape

Selecting best hair style depending on your face shape

Before you can pick out the perfect hairstyle for your hair replacement system, you must first understand which of the common face shapes you are. Our face shape and hairstyle guide below might help.

Face contour and style guidelines

2.1 Oval face

This type is a bit narrow towards the jaw line as compared to temples. The hairline is also gently round in shape.

Try –

  • Most styles as any style will suit your looks.
  • Slicked and clean back looks
  • Select single cut lengths


  • Heavy bangs for covering features.
  • Forward directed style or even comb forwards.

2.2 Round Face

Round hairline and chin with full round shape. Ears and cheeks are wide apart.


  • Swept back direct short hair style
  • Height at crown and fullness styles
  • Off-centered


  • Short cropping
  • Center partitions
  • Chopped and straight bangs
  • Bangs and side fullness

2.3 Rectangle face

Slender, long and forehead to cheek bones of same width. Narrow forehead and chin.


  • Medium to short lengths
  • Wispy and short bangs
  • Sides fullness


  • Center partitions
  • Height or fullness on top
  • Center partitions

2.4 Heart Face

Wider at hair lines and temples while narrowing at chin.


  • Long length hair styles
  • Side partitions
  • Styles till chin length
  • Sweet and gently wispy bangs


  • Short length styles
  • Avoid upper face emphasize styles
  • Crown heights

2.5 Triangular face

Jaw line is dominant that narrows and tappers at the temples and cheeks.


  • Short length hair styles
  • Styles till temple lengths
  • Off center partitions
  • Jaw tapering styles


  • Long length hair style to add gravity factor
  • Center partition
  • Height at top, front or crown

2.6 Diamond Face

Narrow at jaw line or forehead while wide at cheek bones.


  • Any styles as all will suit you
  • Weight at nape or back
  • Short length hair styles


  • Long length bangs
  • Hanging hair at the face
  • Height on top with short length cuts

2.7 Square Face

Square and strong jaw line and hair line


  • Medium to short hair length
  • High and wispy bangs
  • Fullness
  • Off centre partition


  • Straight and long length hair styles
  • Bangs that are linear and straight
  • Centre partitions
  • Jaw bobs