Product Check List for Hair Systems

1Product Check List for Hair Systems – Must have

The moment you are already familiar with hair system products then it is certain that you may also get familiar with major problems that you face when wearing. Oxidation, tangling and dryness are a few of them that you may face every now and then. Here in this list we have provided details of must have hair system products for you.

You may also notice a few products like solvents, glues and tapes are not included in the list. But in our basic product section we have already provided with information about those products. We are now offering you with information that you need related to other hair system products.

2Seven must have hair system products for your tool bag

2.1Conditioner (Leave In type)

Keep in mind that any conditioner should offer your hair system with results but leave in types certainly can offer with excellent results. Leave in conditioners like Nearly Natural Mist can offer with best sun protection and maintain silky hair system. It will prevent the hair system from getting faded away.

2.2Wig Block –hair system

Half caps, heads and wig blocks certainly are considered as ideal stands to keep your hair systems. They are used for storing and protecting from being damaged, when not being used. Apart from this you also need to store few T pins so that you can ensure that your hair system does not fall off the stand or Styrofoam stand.

2.3Adjust A bond from Pro Touch

This certainly can be called as a time machine, the moment you want to maintain your hair system straight on your scalp. As hair adhesive gets dried up immediately making adjustments difficult so Adjust A can prove helpful here. This prevents the hair piece from, immediately sticking to your scalp area. You can earn some more time to make adjustments.

2.4No Sweat From Pro Touch

Sweating on the scalp area can certainly leave your frustrated. It can tend to weaken the adhesion bond and so you may not be able to wear a hair system for longer time. No sweat is a product that helps in stopping sweat from your scalp and offers with quality and long lasting barrier protecting the bond.

2.5Knot Sealer

This will help maintain the system and style. Products that you use can build up dust and damage your hair system. Knot sealer will help preventing loss of hair from your hair system. It holds the hair base firmly using silicone layer. Sealers like tape Tab and TDi Knot are very much effective.

2.6Exfoliating Glove (Mitt)

These gloves can be worn to help removing dead skin cells or itchiness from your scalp. You can also wear it when cleaning your scalp and offer best attachment results.

2.7Brush and Comb

These are certainly considered as vital styling products and so you need to have these in your maintenance tool kit. Wider bristle brush and combs are best options to eliminate tangles. It is important that the hair should not get stuck between the bristles.

3Not necessary but must have products!

It is certain that each of the products mentioned above is only must have products. If you are using a hair system then you have to purchase them each of the products mentioned. These products may prove useful if you want to maintain your hair system for longer time on and off your scalp. Not every one is alike and so some people use fewer products from the list. It is certain that you have to take your own choice when selecting hair system products.

In case you are having any such product list then you can also share it with us. We could update them to our existing list.