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1Products for Hair Replacement – 101

In case you want to make long lasting use of hair unit then it is certain that you have to be aware of the best way to take care of it. Even in present time you may find unlimited options of hair care products in the online stores, we still need to understand of its advantages and disadvantages. Most people are usually concerned about what product is right for them and why there are so many options available.

The correct answer to this query is that different people like making use of different products. For one person using tape adhesive may be the right option but for others it may not. You may have to undergo a few trial and errors before selecting the right product for you.

You certainly can take positive points from this guideline offered regarding hair products and wigs. Or else you can even try out all products available!

2Product variations – Basic

You need to keep in mind that products can be categorized in six variations – Solvents, Adhesives, Scalp preparation, Styling, Conditioners and Shampoos.


This product is used for sticking the hair system to your scalp. You can select from adhesive tape type or liquid type. But most people are just not sure of which is the best option for them. You have to make the selection depending on the time you want the hair system to be used. You can also make use of both combinations.

When selecting this option you may have to keep in mind a number of points.

For how long you want to wear the hair system – Depending on your personal desire you may want to wear it for daily use or for extended time. After that only you can make your selection.

Make your selection on the basis of the base material – Poly or Lace or both materials? Depending on the type of material used you may have to select the adhesive tape.

Skin type – In case you are allergic to some materials then you have to consider this point when selecting. You also need to consider your skin type- dry or oily. This will determine for how long you can wear this system.

Important Tip - If you are using hair system for the first time, then it is advisable to purchase small adhesive bottles.


This product is used when removing your hair system. It will help you get rid of unwanted leftover adhesive residue. You need to keep in mind that when removing hair systems, there are more chances that you can damage it. When using solvents then it is certain that you reduce chances of damaging it. Apart from this, solvents are also very much skin friendly. Proper usage should in fact reduce chances of over drying your hair base.

Ask your self before purchasing one:-

  • Proper usage – You may find remover type of solvents that will be used only to remove the hair system from your scalp. Other types may also be used for removing hair system and cleaning it including adhesive residue.
  • Right quantity to use – In case you change hair system daily then it is certain you need to purchase a big container of solvent. Extended types may need little application of solvent.
  • Skin type – Before you purchase you need to get more familiar with your skin type. Keep in mind solvents are chemical substances and so they may damage your skin layer. It is important to look around for something that does not damage your skin.

5Scalp Prep

In case you need better bonding then you have to maintain a clean scalp. The fact is that adhesives and liquids are not effective on oily and sweat scalp. If your scalp is not clean then you may not get the desired results.

The moment you start with planning scalp prep, you may need to consider on a few points.

Excess adhesive leftovers – There are chances that some of the adhesive residue may be left even after cleaning your scalp. This can be removed using genuine adhesive remover. Many people try and use alcohol to get rid of it, but they may not be effective as compared to adhesive remover.

Short lasting bonds – You can make use of Exfoliating scrub to get rid of that adhesive residue and offer your scalp with long lasting bonding. Scrubs are designed to help eliminate dead skin cells including other residue deposits. Scrubs help in maintaining a clean scalp.

Other hair issues – There are chances that hair piece, adhesive and protectors can in fact leave bad odor on your scalp. Solvents can help maintain bacteria free scalp and you can maintain strong and long lasting bond.


Shampoos help maintaining clean hair and so it is certain that you can also use it for cleaning your hair system. But you need to keep in mind that using it on regular basis can in fact damage it. You need to keep in mind that chemicals in shampoos can in fact damage your hair system by eliminating moisture from it completely. It can also tend to tangle your hair system or remove color from it.

When purchasing shampoo you need to consider following points:-

Straw like and dry hair system - You can think of investing in hydrating shampoos. This will help maintaining proper hair system moisture.

Worried about dust particles being collected in your hair system – You need to look around for shampoo that can offer with deep cleansing. This will help clean away excessive oil and dust from your hair system.

Regular cleaning of your system – You can look around for something that is mild and can be used daily for cleaning your hair system.

Fading hair color – You should look around for shampoo that can help maintain the color of your hair system. You can look around for dye kit in your hair system.

Less volumetric hair – You need to make use of volumetric type shampoo. This will help offer more volume to your hair.


Every one wants to look around for hair system that is simple and soft. It is not easy to achieve this but you can make use of hair conditioners. The fact is that the moment you massage conditioner into the hair system it will offer hair system with softness and brightness.

As this is one key factor so it is important to keep following points in mind.

  • You have to try stay away from the sun’s heat to avoid its harmful effects. UV rays can in fact damage the hair color. Conditioners will help retain the natural color.
  • Bets option available for you – You certainly have to make the selection from rinse out and leave in type. To maintain softness you may need to use it on regular basis. Leave in type certainly is better option as it maintains softness the whole day.
  • Tangling problems – You need to look around for something that has Protective serums in it. Softeners are used along with shampoos for more effective results to maintain perfect moisture.


This refers to the type of looks you want. Once done it is important that you maintain the same looks. It is certain that you don’t want to walk around with bad maintained hair system. In case you wear unmaintained hair system then it is certain that people around you will notice it.

When purchasing styling product you need to keep following points in mind.

  • Selecting right styling product – You can select from flat, bedhead or spiky type hair styling. You can select from different options available including gel, creams, mousse and hair sprays that can help maintain the best style.
  • Styling product for your hair system type –You have to ensure that you purchase the right type of styling tools including brushes and combs that have wider bristles that are anti-static type and can help remove frizziness from your system.
  • Natural or synthetic hair system – This is one important factor to consider when selecting right product. It is important to avoid using hair gloss and sprays if you are using synthetic hair system as it can damage it easily.

9Looking around for basic tools for your hair system for newbie’s?

There certainly are unlimited options available online, but there certainly are a number of factors that you need to consider for maintaining your hair system. This means that you have to perform your best research and test a number of products. You have to avoid purchasing something that is not effective. You can browse through our web page to collect more information related to basic products available that can help when wearing or removing hair systems.

10If you are very often using hair system then you have to look into the list of items that you should have.

You are already using a hair system and are very much used to wearing and removing it. You can make the selection from a number of products available that will ease the process of removing and wearing hair systems. You can check with our guide related to DIY hair systems.

11911 or TLC for your hair systems, we can offer you with best help!

It is certain that every one faces some problems every now and then. This means that you need to maintain an extra piece of hair system with you. No matter what problems you are facing (cleaning, tearing or damaging) you can get familiar with right way to over come it and avoid it.