Base Designs

Hair systems are available for various types with different materials and fabrics, but primarily they can be divided into four:

Full lace base

The advantage with full lace toupee is that it’s very light in weight making it very comfortable and very breathable. When you place the unit against your scalp this delicate lace becomes completely invisible and creates an undetectable natural appearance. When it comes to lace bases, we usually talk about the most common types: French lace and Swiss lace. Both French lace and Swiss lace are best for front hairline to create a natural look. They are soft, invisible and breathable.

For the durability Mono lace > French lace > Swiss lace
For the reality Swiss lace > French lace > Mono lace
Pros Soft, Invisible, breathable, Can hold light density to medium density of hair
Cons Fray, hard to clean, hard to attach

Full poly base

Polymers create an imitation skin-like material and are commonly called as SKIN bases because of their close resemblance to real skin tones. If you care more about durability, the skin base will be a great choice for you. In addition, the skin base is also easy to glue and clean. Skin base is a good choice as it can be more strongly bonded to your head than other bases. It can stick to your head even you are swimming.

Lace front base

Lace Front Bases toupee is a perfect balance of comfortable and durability. This type of bases are also undetectable in front,but not as comfortable as full lace bases. The maintenance is lower than full lace bases since it is easy to clean.

Mono top base

Mono hair system base looks like lace but is stiffer and more durable than lace hair system base. If you are looking for a balance between natural look and durability, mono hair system base will be your first choice. This is a traditional base material that has been popular for many years because of its strength and durability.