Grey Hair

Grey hair percentage: what is it?

If you want to add grey hairs in your hair system, please specify a grey percentage. Grey hair percentage is the amount of grey hair you need in whole of your hairpiece. Grey hair can be added in the top, front, sides, back, temple areas to bring a natural look. Generally, people demand for grey hair in the sides of the hair system. If you choose to send us your own hair samples, then you do not to fill the grey hair percentage, because we can match the grey hair percentage in the sample

Synthetic or human hair?

When you choose grey hair in your system, the biggest doubt is to choose the human or synthetic hair. In that case it is always better to go for human hair as they look natural and real in sunlight. One of the main reasons why synthetic hair is often chosen is the inevitable fading that every hair system will go through. When a system has a blend of gray and a darker color, the dark color will end up fading over time. If you color a unit that is made with synthetic hair back to its original shade, the synthetic gray will not be affected, only the darker human hair.