5 Ways to Stop Losing Your Precious Hair ( 2023 )


Hey, are you feeling anxious about losing hair and going bald? Every day, there’s one question always haunts you: how to stop losing hair or going bald? There are some science-backed ways to try and discourage hair loss and keep your hair where it belongs.

Before talking about the ways to stop losing hair, you should first know the causes and risk factors of your hair loss.

Why you suffer from hair loss?

There are actually many reasonsand some of them are even preventable. There are 3 common causes lists below.

1Genetic causes

The male pattern baldness and growing age are the genetic causes that make your hair loss. It’s in your genes and is not caused by stress. It’s purely genetic and passed on by both sides of the family.

2Lifestyle factors causes

The first one is that you are not eating right. Your hair needs nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Sudden weight loss, low iron levels, or a poor diet can all lead to hair shedding.

Also, if you are too stressed, you may suffer from hair loss.

Last but not the least, your hair is too tight. Fashion and healthy hair often sit together about as well as oil and watertight braids, man buns, cornrows, and harsh treatments can all damage your scalp significantly. And if the roots are damaged, that means hair loss.

3Skin conditions

If you have psoriasis, you may suffer from hair loss. Psoriasis of the scalp causes an overproduction of skin cells visible as large white flakes which can damage hair follicles and lead to temporary hair loss.

Likewise, if you have seborrheic dermatitis, you may sometimes suffer from hair loss.

After knowing the reason why you are losing hair, then let’s go straight to the point – How to Stop Losing Hair or Going Bald for Men.

Test to diagnose the hair loss problem

1Pull Test

In this, we can evaluate diffuse scalp hair loss. A gentle force is applied to the group of hairs and should be pulled. In each pull less than or equal to 3 hairs if more than 10 hairs come then the test is considered to be positive.

2Scalp Biopsy

Scalp biopsy is done when the root of the problem is unknown. Hair is usually taken from the inflammation area.

3Daily Hair Counts

The best way to find out the hair loss is to count the hair loss on a daily basis after brushing hair or washing it. It should be collected in a bag for 14 days. In the end, the hair lost per day is greater than 100/day then it is counted as positive. Moreover, here is the video shows how to diagnose your hair condition.

Ways to Stop Losing Hair or Going Bald for Men

1Prescription Tablets

The most effective treatment for genetic hair loss is a prescription tablet like Finasteride, Minoxidil lotion. This can slow down your hair loss, but it cannot cure your hair loss. If you are so concerned about getting bald, you can try a transplant or hair replacement system

2Eat Healthily

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet with plenty of protein, iron, vitamin A, zinc and biotin.
Some of the best anti-hair loss foods are:

  • Iron-dense proteins, like beef and lamb
  • Lean, anti-inflammatory protein, such as wild salmon
  • Dark leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, and broccoli
  • Mineral-rich foods, like beef liver, nuts, and eggs
  • Zinc-rich foods, like oysters, pumpkin seeds and chickpeas
  • Antioxidant foods, like blueberries, artichokes, and cranberries
  • Selenium-rich foods, like Brazil nuts and yellowfin tuna

3Reduce Stress

Removing the cause of your stress is the top choice, but when this is impossible, then consider trying some other ways to reduce stress. One of the easiest ways to reduce stress is by practicing meditation and mindfulness when you’re feeling exhausted and melting the tension away before it fucks you up. Another easy way to manage stress is to take regular exercise.

4Fixing Your Hair

Be sensible, and don’t follow hair damaging trends that pull your hair too tight. Take care of your scalp by using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and avoid dying your hair too often without a break.

While there’s no miracle cure for male pattern baldness just yet, trying out these simple suggestions just might make a huge difference. But if not, don’t fret. Everything always works out in the end. Maybe transplant or men’s toupee will just help you.

1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet: Make sure youre getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals that help promote healthy hair growth. Foods like fish, beans, nuts, and dark, leafy greens are great sources of these nutrients.

2. Reduce stress: Stress can lead to hair loss, so finding ways to manage your stress can help reduce hair loss. Exercise, yoga, and meditation are great ways to reduce stress and help promote healthy hair growth.

3. Avoid chemical treatments: Chemical treatments, such as dyes and perms, can damage your hair and lead to hair loss. If you must use these treatments, use them sparingly and make sure you’re using a product that’s specifically designed for your hair type.

4. Use gentle styling products: Harsh styling products can damage your hair, leading to hair loss. Choose gentle products that are specifically designed for your hair type and use them sparingly.

5. Avoid tight hairstyles: Tight hairstyles, such as ponytails, can damage your hair and lead to hair loss. If you must wear your hair in a tight style, make sure you don’t wear it for too long and give your hair some